Will Automation Increase Your Sales?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and technology are improving our efficiency and productivity within business, especially as the digital world continues to enhance, but are we losing the personal approach with our future clients?

If you are going to use automation for selling – make sure it provides you with the return of investment!

#Top Tip 1

  • Research the market for the right automation product for your ICP (Ideal customer profile), consider industry, size, product/service, etc.
  • Do a trial of this product, if possible, does it provide you with the results you are looking for?
  • Have you/the staff had training on how to use all the features?

#Top Tip 2

If you are going to use automation when selling – is it personalised?

✅ Does it reflect your prospect’s communication style? Some people prefer visual over auditory…

✅ Will it be seen by the prospect? For example, if it is email marketing, you might need to customise the settings, so it is received by the reader at the ‘best’ day and time they usually open emails.

✅ How often will the prospect receive something automated? Don’t overdo it or they may opt out!

#Top Tip 3

Types of automation to consider to for your business:

  • Sales Enablement – resources and tools to convert business in to sales
  • Recruitment, onboarding, and employee engagement
  • Data input, processing invoices/claims/purchase orders
  • Chatbots, customer support, IT help

Your staff is one of the most important elements to retain in a business – make sure any automated processes benefit the staff as well as the business.

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)

Correct Careers Coaching – An award-winning Modern Sales Training and Sales Strategy Business.

Jamie@correctcareerscoaching.com and 07599 332178


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