Clients who have had my Sales Training so far:

Technology, Professional Services (law and finance), Business Services, PR, Umbrella company, Recruitment Agencies, Insurance & Health business, Author, Coach, Escape rooms/games, Leisure & Events, Home Improvements, Utilities, Education, Fitness, Banking, Office Space, Outsource Sales, Copywriting, Stylist, VA, Digital Marketing etc

Services Company – Director

“Your ideas not only make sense, but they work. The time you spent with me to refine my understanding of marketing and social media has encouraged me to take the step; which before seemed daunting, into the world of social media marketing. Thank you for taking the time with me in person to customize the sales training so that it was directly applicable to my business.”

Following my sales training programme on ‘New Business Conversion’, this client has doubled their customer base.

Professional Services

“An amazing impact you have made.” ~ Director of Professional Services company said: I had progressed his business more in the last 2 weeks from working with me compared to the previous one-and-a-half-year.

Insurance Business

“Jamie, Thank you for today’s meeting, all very useful.”

Recruitment Agency

Sales Training delivered, as well as Business Coaching and Strategy developed for a Recruitment Agency in Swindon.

Video Testimonials

Jamie was on the BBC One TV show ‘Sunday Politics West’ on Sunday 13th October 2019 (10am) – Video Footage at the start of the SWLEP conference.

Swindon 105.5FM live radio show ‘Mind Your Own Business’ on Monday 9th September (6pm-7pm): Jamie at Correct Careers Coaching; discussing modern sales training and start-ups.

Swindon 105.5FM live radio show ‘Mind Your Own Business’ on Monday 28th October (6pm-7pm): Jamie at Correct Careers Coaching; discussing employee retention, recruitment, sustainability, and local business news.

Increase in revenue and clients being analysed.

Press Releases

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