EXPERIENCE – Organic LinkedIn Like A Master!

Stage 1: LinkedIn Profile   

Objective: To create an All-Star LinkedIn profile (and reasons for this)   

  • Optimising the LinkedIn settings effectively    
  • Personalising your unique elements for a brand image   
  • What to include and what not to include in each section!    

Individual activity – To update their personal profile during this session   

(Handout provided: LinkedIn Profile Guide)      

Outcome: A professional & credible LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn prioritises All-Star profiles   

Stage 2: LinkedIn Searching

Objective: To know how to use the various search functions on LinkedIn   

  • Recap regarding the LinkedIn profile stage (checking updates have been done)   
  • Learning how to search for target clients, their customers, and their competitors!   
  • The importance of your LinkedIn connections and the Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn   
  • Groups – which ones to join and how to engage with like-minded people    

Individual/group activity – Generate a list of potential clients to contact   

Outcome: Using the LinkedIn network to identify and find your future clients  


Stage 3: Social Media Marketing

Objective: To embrace social media marketing to enhance credibility and branding   

  • What content to post for your target market – How, what, why, and when?    
  • Your SSI and the application of this LinkedIn metric    
  • The message of your social media posts and developing a series of posts   

Group activity – Create a post together in small groups and post on to LinkedIn, i.e., promoting a specific service/product     

(Handouts provided: Best Post Timings and Weekly Post Strategy)      

Outcome: Improve your SSI scores   

Stage 4: The LinkedIn Sales Funnel

Objective: Use LinkedIn as a social selling tool, understanding the process from connection to conversion with a LinkedIn member   

  • Utilising LinkedIn to research your future clients and build relationships prior to calls/meetings    
  • 10-step framework for engaging and converting new prospects   
  • Including how and when to private message clients for a response   

Individual activity – Send a private message to a client to arrange a meeting    

(Handout provided: LinkedIn Message Guide)   

Outcome: How to write private messages to prospects that turn in to meetings!   


“I’ve been a user for many years and still learned a few useful tips!” (November 2023)  

“Great workshop, highly recommended. Thank you, Jamie. We’ve already started to implement what we learned this week.”   

“Thanks for the LinkedIn info. I’ve updated my profile as a result!!!”    


“My inbox is full of messages and replies, which has all come from commenting on posts.”     

Within 2-3 weeks – Mike’s LinkedIn professional connections grew by 6%.   

Stage 5 (Bonus Session): The Company Page on LinkedIn  

Objective: To understand how to maximise the elements on the LinkedIn company page. As well as the differences between a company page and personal LinkedIn page.   

  • Create, edit, and transform your LinkedIn company page
  • A technique to grow your company page followers!
  • Top tips for using both your personal profile and company page 


“One year on and we are posting regularly with better content and we have a 600% increase in followers to our company page.” 

For a chat regarding this LinkedIn training for your business, contact Jamie Martin on 07599 332178 or Jamie@correctcareerscoaching.com

Jamie works with companies globally to enhance the employee’s B2B selling capabilities for generating and converting prospects. Jamie also improves the sales process and strategy to increase your gross sales by winning and retaining clients.

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder) of Correct Careers Coaching – An award-winning Modern LinkedIn Training, Sales Training, and Sales Strategy Business.


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