B2B Sales Training E-Learning For HR Consultants:


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Accredited by IAST (International Association of Sales Training)

During this course, you will experience an expert Sales Trainer and HR Professional covering:

✅ How to position your business against competitors and qualify your future clients

✅ Top Tips for social media marketing and engaging with ideal clients

✅ Out selling your competitors with compelling communication

✅ A comprehensive framework from call to close with a new prospect

✅ How to handle the ‘money’ conversation

Price: £297.00 discounted to £87.00 (offer available for a limited time before the price increases).

Online course (to complete at your own pace): 4 bitesize modules (1 bonus module on negotiation!) with video, slides, and activities to practice the sales techniques.

You are provided with various free (9 in total with bonus material) guides (below), resources, and scripts with prompts to help you sell successfully:

(Discovery Call Script, Strategic Sales Call Script, Prospect Follow-up Guide, LinkedIn Messaging Guide, LinkedIn Profile Guide, Business Goals Template, Goal Setting Handout, Plan for Identifying your future clients, Strategy Worksheet for approaching prospects – what sales actions to take and when!)

What our Reviews say:

“The free resources are brilliant and will help any HR Consultant Vision success!” 

“Enhancing the LinkedIn profile and connecting and building prospective client relationships…” 

“They share various experiences and scenarios, offering solutions that are practical and hugely helpful.” 

“Understands fully the main challenges HR professionals face and realises that a high percentage have never had any Sales or Marketing training.” 

“They provide tangible tools which focus on purpose, goals, and sales strategy.”

“I feel I have already gained a return of invest from the course after an hour of listening.” 

“Module courses provide the opportunity to learn in bite sized chunks and at my leisure which is great.” 

“The resources to take away are valuable as it allows you to get the thoughts that are provoked throughout the modules down on paper in a structured manner.” 

“Good blend of theories/process accentuated with stories of success.”


LinkedIn: Connection to Conversion on Thursday 3rd November 2022 at 9.30am hosted by The Business Kitchen (Eventbrite link below to attend):


🌟 It includes: Utilising LinkedIn to research and build relationships prior to calls/meetings.

🌟 A 10-step framework for engaging and converting new prospects – The Modern Sales Funnel


Previous workshop – Thursday 15th October 2020 at 11am hosted by Get Connected Events (Eventbrite link below to attend):

👉👉👉 Using Social Media for Prospecting in 2020

The benefits of Social Media Marketing and different types of posts for brand awareness

The Modern Sales Funnel – Engaging with new prospects on LinkedIn

Previous workshop – Wednesday 1st July 2020 (hosted by The Business Kitchen):

Creating a business pitch and strategic conversation (for networking events and with prospects).

Understanding of needs-based selling techniques.

“Loved the depth and breadth of your presentation, the examples, the quick fire exercises! Thank you Jamie and very well done!”

“I learned a huge amount. I really liked the way you created a safe space for us all to try out our ideas and approaches.”

“Thanks very much for your excellent sales training this week. Really enjoyed it and it was very useful!”

Previous workshop – Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 2.30pm (Video Promo below):

Wednesday 25th September and Tuesday 22nd October 2019:

Modern Sales Training

Does your business need:

– Increased sales and revenue                                            

– Employee retention improved

Location: Meeting Rooms in Swindon

Dates: Multiple dates available for your schedule – Contact Jamie on 07599 332178 to arrange

Some topics covered below (more on the day):

– Research and Planning                          

– Prospecting your target market (using Social Media)

– Sales Pitch (different communication channels & marketing campaigns)                                  

– Negotiation                                            

– Conversion

Beating your competition                   

– Mindset enhancement 

Outplacement and Career Coaching

Is your business experiencing: Outplacement, Career Transition, or Redeployment?

Location: Meeting Rooms in Swindon

Dates: Multiple dates available for your schedule – Contact Jamie on 07599 332178 to arrange

Some topics covered below (more on the day):

– Career Coaching

– Your goals analysis

– Job search guidance

– Social Media profiles  

– Mindset & communication styles