How to Sell to Different Personalities?

#Top Tip 1 – Individual Prospects

There’s a term called science-based selling, it looks at the customer buying journey; from Neuro linguistic programming, social psychology, and business economics, it looks at what the customer experience is like.

So how do we know our prospects’ personalities?
Look at the data, social media profiles, check their testimonials, initial correspondence with the prospect, etc.

How are you now approaching your prospects? Are your sales ‘touchpoints’ personalised?

If you lose the emotional buy-in with a prospect during the customer buying journey, they could go to a competitor.

Make sure your sales strategy and sales process focus on the individual prospect.

Tony Robbins: “People who are like each other tend to like each other.”


#Top Tip 2 – Communicating with Prospects
No one likes being sold to, the prospect needs to feel in control.

Communication is the key; some people prefer to communicate more visually. So that could be via video conferencing. It could be by graphics. Some people prefer auditory communication, e.g., by phone or listening to you on podcasts/radio.

It also depends on the prospects’ style of learning.

On average humans have about eight seconds of attention span, which is one second lower than a goldfish.

When you are prospecting, your correspondence with the prospect should reflect their communication and learning style; whether it’s social media, website copy, marketing emails, etc.

Start at the beginning – find out how prospects’ preferred communication and learning style!
#Top Tip 3 – Software for Selling – is software that gives you the personality of a prospect via LinkedIn.

What if you knew your prospects’ likes and dislikes, their characteristics, and attributes?

Could you approach your prospect utilising written correspondence, video, or audio communication?

If a prospect responded to your initial approach, try again with different sales touchpoint.

If the prospect responds to your initial approach, make a record this information for future reference.

For example, one of my clients would only be available to speak on Wednesday’s at 4pm and another client only on WhatsApp.

With understanding the prospects’ personality and the most appropriate communication approach – You’ve already built a strong rapport with the prospect; this will help you against your competitors during the pitching stages…


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