How I won my B2B clients?…

The second in this series:


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It took me 9 months approx. to convert a new client during my recruitment role.

WHY did I spend a long time prospecting this client?

They were a known agency user

They worked with a competitor of mine

This company had a good reputation within their industry sector

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WHAT did I do:

I spent time researching the company and the internal decision makers.

I devised a sales cadence for communicating with this company on a weekly basis, i.e. personalised phone chats, social media engagement, compelling emails, post (with a gift), office visit (to show my face).

I remained consistent, passionate, and authentic.

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🏆 The Outcome: I secured 5 out of the 6 interviews for a vacancy with this new client. The 1 interview was with a competitor of mine.

Remember To be successful in a sales role – Follow a process, identify the companies who will become your clients, and have a growth mindset!

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