How not to sell!

#Top Tip 1

Don’t talk about yourself! ⬇️

You might be aware of the acronym ‘WIIFM’:

‘What’s In It For Me’

Your prospect/customer is more concerned about how your service or product will solve their problem. They don’t need to know all about you, your weekend, and your pets.

Spend time asking the customer open questions to identify more about them and what they would like to change in their business right now?

#Top Tip 2

Just list the description of what your service or product does! ⬇️

You need to explain the benefits and the outcome of your service or product, rather than just describing the features of it!

The best way to do this is provide evidence in statistics/figures/results, etc. Or quote testimonials and case studies.

#Top Tip 3

Talk about money too early! ⬇️

No one likes to feel they are being sold to. We like to feel in control of our buying behavior. We buy based on our emotions!

Build the trust and rapport with the prospect/customer first. Develop a common ground, understand their personality and communication style. Mirror their body language and tone of voice.

The more synergy you build before the ‘money’ conversation, the easier it will be to sell. I recommend wait at least 30-40 minutes into the conversation before talking about money.

Put yourself in your customers shoes… how would you like to be sold to?

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)

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