Sales/Recruitment Training & Consulting:

(For businesses; employers and employees)

• Employee retention and engagement (People Development)

Sales strategy & sales processes
• Sales training and coaching (sales support of new & existing employees for new business conversion, client relationship management, lead generation, negotiation, customer service, sales & marketing, Sales Psychology and using social media for prospecting)

• Onboarding and recruitment training
• Sales and recruitment documents (training plans, job specification, job advertising, interview process, psychometrics, counter offers and, headhunting)
• Performance / Skills coaching


Career Coaching:

(For businesses and individuals)

• Outplacement or redeployment for businesses
• Career consultation and coaching activities
• Presentation guidance, Interview support, CV & Cover letter guidance
• Job hunting techniques and social media profiles

* Career and life coaching also for sole traders and consumers

Coaching Millennials and Leaders:

(For Millennial employees within a Company: focusing on Middle Management to C-level)

• Goal and strategy analysis
• Objectives (company and personal) reviews
• Self-awareness and unlocking potential
• Mindset and leadership development