How I won my B2B clients?

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In the sales environment, we all face conversion challenges…

Challenges SDR’s/Sales Professionals face:

– Your client is already working with someone else (usually a competitor of yours)

👉 Does your competitor provide all the services/products you do? Could your prospect work with you on one element to start?

 – They have not got the time to explain their needs/problems to someone new

👉 If you are engaging, your prospect has time – find out when is more convenient? Or what is hindering their business initiatives early in your correspondence with them.

They have a requirement for your services, but not at present (or so they tell you)

👉 A business environment changes daily. Agree on a timely follow-up process with the prospect to keep in contact regarding any updates on their needs.

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My Advice:

– Probe and ask open questions to overcome objections

– Be an active listener!

– Build rapport – You need to be unforgettable to your prospect

– Needs-based sell

– Understand the prospect’s communication style and personality

– Be adaptable, brave, and agile: It is about your prospect during the buying process (and not your goals/targets)

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Remember – Identify your client’s problems to needs-based sell and deliver a personalised solution.

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