How I won my B2B clients?

The fourth in this series:

First impressions…

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As mentioned, previously, I was referred and introduced to an industry leading UK and Europe SME via a business individual I had developed a relationship with over the past few months.

This industry sector of this new business and geographical location was new to me, as well as before the initial video conferencing meet with the CEO, I was only given short notice.

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What did I do?

I cleared my desk and spent the whole evening researching this company’s background, social media channels, website, marketing material, etc.

The following day and from an energetic and diligent introduction, I demonstrated to the CEO how I will be agile and adapt to their business requirements to fulfill a sales strategy project.

Throughout the initial prospecting stage and this customer’s buying experience, I made sure I was efficient, swift in my follow-up, questioned, and actively listened to this company’s needs.

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A few weeks later, after a 2-hour+ journey and overnight stay, I worked with this company and their team on a sales strategy and training project which took serval weeks. I was delighted to receive this wonderful feedback below:

Jamie spent a significant amount of time with me to further understand the business and the tolerances and willingness we had towards change. His approach with my team was open, friendly, and gently probing. His enthusiasm was infectious, making my organisation comfortable and willing to take on board any recommendation he made.

His report was generated very rapidly and again his requests for additional information highlighted his desire to ensure the recommendations made were realistic and fully considered our existing processes. The final report was thorough and provided our organisation with an excellent external review of our sales strategy and processes.”

Remember – In a sales environment: customer needs always first.

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