How I won my B2B clients?

….The fifth in this series:


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It was the right time for my business to join a networking group on a membership basis. During your 60-second pitches each week, I would mostly communicate my sales training and sales strategy experience and services.

Occasionally I would explain add on services I provide to clients, i.e., recruitment training following my 6 years of achievements within the recruitment industry.

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It was 6 months approx. before a business within this group required this service area of my business. When a HR Consultancy who was also a member of this group, remembered my recruitment training background and services and engaged with me on a recruitment project.

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Remember – people do remember what you say and do… Make sure you stay visible and communicate the full range of services your business offers.

Even if you feel there is not an ROI straight away, be consistent and positive, as a business will come back to you when they have the need for your services for their business.

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