How I won my B2B clients?

….The seventh in this series:

Objection Handling and Conversion

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A client was referred to me. At the start of our communication, the client explained her business had not been successful in the last year and her budget for any services would be a challenge.

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My cadence process included a phone call, a zoom call, an email and a text! During these touch points and several correspondences with each other, she felt confident my services of sales, strategy, and social media training could benefit her business.

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We openly discussed a suitable situation regarding costings (I provided an introductory offer to start growing her client base and revenue), once her business had more cashflow, she would be happy to pay my standard rates for further training and support.

I supported this client in many areas:

⚡ Analysing previous client data and account managing previous clients for repeat business and upselling

⚡ Strategy for generating more clients on a global scale using different channels (including social media)

⚡ A plan for increasing her prices for her services

Remember – Any objection can be overcome with needs-based selling.

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