How I won my B2B clients?

….The eighth in this series:

Rapport Building – Selling to Personalities not Businesses

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I had been approaching a company for the past 8 months, they were a global company with a £100+million turnover.

On a few occasions, the Head of HR was happy to chat/video conference with me regarding my services. The company had internal changes, so the time was not right for our businesses to work together.

Every couple of months I would text her (preferred communication style for this prospect) for updates on their business operations. Our personalities were similar, she seems to like my approach and character.

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After consistent correspondence, case studies, proposal pitches, and the occasional personal comment, i.e., how was your holiday? Friend’s wedding?

I delivered a demo with the Head of HR and following this, I was booked to provide LinkedIn training to one of their Managing Directors. The MD understood the benefits of LinkedIn but didn’t know how to use and embrace it.

The feedback was that I trained the MD on loads of techniques, tools, and valued information for utilising LinkedIn in the areas of developing a personal/company brand, growing connections, social media marketing, and building client relationships.

Since then, we are exploring internal options for me to train other employees regarding LinkedIn and social selling.

Remember – Understand prospect’s individual differences; their personality traits and communication styles – adapt your selling approach to suit there’s!

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