How I won my B2B clients?

….The ninth in this series:

Referrals and Introductions

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I was approached via LinkedIn by a Sales Executive/SDR currently working in a global SME (where the sales process and training were still being developed). He researched my LinkedIn profile and felt I was their external Sales Trainer of choice to develop their selling capabilities and confidence.

We had a personalised one-one 4 hour session regarding the full sales cycle and applying it to his industry sector.

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The sessions covered:

✅ Selling techniques, advice, and tools

✅ Real examples, storytelling, and case studies

✅ Guides and handouts

✅ Follow-up emails and calls

✅ Occasional check-ins for how they were applying the acquired sales skills within their job

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I was delighted to receive this kind testimonial:

“I am so happy that you were able to help create a system in order to help me get in front of the right people as this is something that has caused me the most insecurity and anxiety as a salesperson and isn’t really something that is readily taught or available online so I am very grateful for that.”

A while later, his brother was also in need of services that my business also provided. The Sales Executive introduced us, following a discovery call with his brother regarding their current challenges and requirements for training and development. His brother also became a client of mine and was coached by me.

Remember – It is what your client says about you – always over-deliver!

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