How to sell post-covid? The same as you did before…

#Top Tip

Sell on what your current customers say

Demonstrate the value of your service or product to a new prospect during the sales pitching stage from case studies or testimonials you had received from recent customers/clients who have already worked with your business.

Help your new prospect visualise (by storytelling) the outcomes or results your service or product had with other businesses (similar service, industry, size, etc.).

Your new prospect will experience emotional thoughts during your conversation by comparing themselves to their competitors, enticing them to proceed further in the buying process.

This new prospect will be convinced further from hearing real feedback about you and are more likely to proceed in working with you from fear of missing out!

What if you don’t have many testimonials?

👉 Ask your LinkedIn network for ‘recommendations’ and use these as testimonials and social media marketing post

Not sure which testimonials or case studies to quote?

👉 Use a testimonial that reflects similarities with your new prospect (Is the testimonial from a similar industry to your new prospect? Is the testimonial from the same job title as your new prospect? Does the testimonial describe a similar problem your new prospect is experiencing?)

Selling at present couldn’t be easier… let your current customers’ comments do it for you!

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)

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