Top Tips for Selling Your Ideas!

Top Tip #1 What to think about before selling your ideas?

If you are thinking about selling your ideas to your boss or a client; the reasons should be for the value and purpose of your ideas e.g. what benefit will your idea serve?

The value questions you should consider are:

  1. Will your ideas be received well?
  2. What are your ideas worth?
  3. Does your boss/client have a network that will help you promote your ideas further.

Top Tip #2 Only sell your ideas in person/video conference

Face-To-Face with your boss or a client will benefit you instead of using the phone, email, etc.  During Face-To-Face communication, you can read the expressions and body language reactions of the other person. Read their signals e.g. the questions they ask you about your ideas.

Use your judgement to decide when to stop or nudge your ideas further using persuasive communication.

Top Tip #3 Close your ideas quickly

If your boss or client has too long to think about your ideas, they are more likely to not proceed further with it. Especially if your ideas are unclear or have too many variables to consider.

When selling your ideas – only provide 1 or 2 at once time to increase the chances of it being considered further.

Top Tip #4 Back up your ideas with evidence and credibility. See an example of mine below

Social Media training should be part of the company’s onboarding learning and development plan for new hires (see research below).

Research from Correct Careers Coaching found evidence that 83% of sales professionals feel they require support in using social media for building business relationships. 

The purpose of this training is to help the new hires understand how to communicate your business message, this will encourage them to embrace promoting the company’s brand and services/products.

Jamie works with companies globally to enhance the employee’s B2B selling capabilities for generating and converting prospects. Jamie also improves the sales process and strategy to increase your gross sales by winning and retaining clients. 

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