Who are your ‘Ideal Customer Profiles’?

You may have heard the phrase ‘I don’t want to work with a bad customer’.

This statement doesn’t necessarily mean that this ‘bad customer’ is annoying or will give you a headache if you work with them, it could just mean that this customer isn’t a suitable fit for your business model.
#Top Tip 1

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

This is a target prospect or company you want to work with or who is predicted to buy your service/product.
These ICP’s could be your customers ‘customers, the competitors of your customers, or a specific industry sector within the business ecosystem.
#Top Tip 2

Why this specific ICP?

Are they a competitor of a customer you have already worked with? Is this ICP in an industry you have expert knowledge of? Does this ICP have a similar size of organization, number of employees, or various departments you are used to working with?

Working with a new ICP similar to your previous customers enhances the likelihood of successful results in a quicker timeframe due to you having already done the ‘legwork’ with similar businesses.

The outcome of exceeding expectations demonstrates how effective your service/product is to your new customer, thus increasing customer retention rates.
#Top Tip 3

How to convert a new ICP?

You will need to identify their behaviors, e.g., what social media channels do they use?

Social media profiles (primarily LinkedIn) can provide details about an ICP’s personality, communication style, interests, etc.

The more your find out about your ICP prospects, the easier they will be to sell too!
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