How to convert sales using Psychology?

#Top Tip 1

Start at the beginning – Create a sales pipeline/prospect list for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This could be your customer’s customer, your customer’s competitor, or other business within your customer’s supply chain.

Create a cadence (sequence of actions) with personalised sales touch points, i.e., the communication you have with a prospect while pitching to them.

Examples of communication:

  • Phone call
  • Email marketing or newsletter
  • LinkedIn private message
  • Handwritten letter posted
  • WhatsApp Message
  • Voicemail
  • Send a gift
  • Video Conference/Face to Face meeting
  • Referral

And so on and so on…


Take your time to develop a sales strategy and sales process to build long-lasting relationships with the customer during the buying journey.

Repeat, analyse, and adapt your sales process to convert more customers effectively!

#Top Tip 2

Each individual prefers different communication styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Ask your prospect how they prefer to be contacted, i.e., by phone, by email? And what is the best day and time to contact them?


Take your time to research your prospect/future customer via social media, their website, other media channels. Learn more about their personality and interests.

When you find a common ground between you and your prospect, it will be easier to build a rapport with them during the sales pitching stages.


Signposting is a powerful technique in sales. During your correspondence with your prospect, guide the prospect towards conversion by telling a story/case study for them visualise what the outcome or results will be when they work with you. For example, you will increase their turnover by 22% within the next quarter.

#Top Tip 3

It is challenging to remember all you need to say and do when sales pitching!

Use psychological techniques to improve your memory and sales conversions:

  • Write things down into bite size ‘chunks’, to learn and rehearse information
  • Speak words/scripts aloud (to identify any errors in your pitches)
  • Acronyms help to remember key benefits or features of your service/product
  • Providing evidence of statistics/figures to your prospects will certainly grab their attention!
  • Learning when experience good smells or doing exercise improves memory retention
  • Take the time to practice your pitches until perfect!


If you would like to know more how Psychology can help you increase your business sales and customers, contact Jamie (details below) regarding his ‘Sales Psychology’ sales training programme:

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