Create, Commit, Close via Sales Pitches… 

The sales pitch meeting:
Every sales pitch is different, every decision maker will want something personalised, and every conversion needs to be bespoke!
#Top Tip 1

If you have had no formal sales training, you need to understand the stages of a pitch meeting and how to adapt your approach to the communication style of the prospect. Some stages are outlined below:
·         Introduction
·         Building Rapport
·         Questioning
·         Needs-based Selling
·         Objection Handling
·         Negotiation
·         Conversion
·         Follow-up
#Top Tip 2 – Let’s look at one of these topics in more detail.
Building Rapport:
If we are being honest, no one likes to be sold to. The renowned sales term: Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) is even more important now for building rapport. Remember experiencing that ‘gut feeling’. It is similar when selling to another person.
A prospect is likely to engage with you through the pitch meeting if you take the time to listen and care about their values and interests. Building rapport should occur early on within the conversation, in my experience, a strong rapport built can make the negotiation and closing easier.
#Top Tip 3 – And another topic most of us find challenging.
Handling Objections:
There could be several objections from the prospect, e.g., the costs, the prospect had tried a similar service or product before and did not receive the desired results. Before providing an answer to an objection – you need to uncover if this is the only reason or if there is anything else stopping the prospect from proceeding to buy? This will help personalise a response.
Respond with needs-based selling techniques, e.g., what if my service or product solved the problem you mentioned during our conversation? Deliver an anecdote of a similar situation with a previous customer.
Ultimately, to win sales pitchers, you should focus on the needs of a prospect; how your service or product will make a significant impact on their business in current markets.
Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)
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