You Need to Understand your future Client’s Buying Personalities and Behaviours!

*The below will have an analogy with the animal kingdom. 
#Top Tip 1 – The Lion

Your Client: Starts the buying process
Due to your Lion clients being very sociable, they will understand the reasons for a new purchase (to benefit others) and who requires to be involved. They would be good at delegation or persuading others during the buying process to end with the desired outcome.
Unlikely to be concerned with the facts – just want an efficient result.
Regarding a buying decision: The Lion are the clients to build rapport with, Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) will serve you well when corresponding with Lions during the buying decision process. They understand a need for your service or products but will not be fooled by gimmicks and cliches. Lion’s will; buy from the Lions!
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#Top Tip 2 – The Chameleon
Your Client: The employees who use your service/product

Your Chameleon client understands from all angels how your service/product will provide a return of investment for them/team/department. This client will likely also be the influencer or closely connected with them – where they will work together to achieve their outcomes for a buying decision. You will need to be prepared to persuade two potential decision makers (User and Influencer) and building relationships with both is vital.
Likely to want to know all the benefits and features of your service or product. Testimonials and case studies will be good resources to win the User over.
Regarding a buying decision: The Chameleon does not have an urgent need and may change their buying thoughts many times during the purchase process. Certainly, nurture the Chameleon but do not go in for the hard sale, the Chameleon wants plenty of time to decide on proceeding. The Chameleon’s would be the amber or red on a traffic lights system.
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#Top Tip 3 – The Shark
Your Client: Final decision on the purchase or your service/product
Your shark client will react to their gut emotion. They would have needed to be convinced by you/other decision makers during the buying process to proceed. If their ‘buy-in’ was strong, usually a quick decision will follow.
Likely to be focused on the outcome your service/product provides – a demonstration would be an ideal way to close the deal with the decider.
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Regarding a buying decision: The Shark will make an urgent and emotional buying decision to proceed with you or not, as there is a need for your service/product – you need to be swift in your prospecting techniques and follow-up to convert a shark. The Sharks are your money maker, do also consider the volume and value of a long-term relationship when proceeding with a shark.
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Jamie works with companies globally to enhance the employee’s B2B selling capabilities for generating and converting prospects. Jamie also improves the sales process and strategy to increase your gross sales by winning and retaining clients. 
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Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)
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Create, Commit, Close via Social Media… 

Social media and using it for selling:
The business environment has changed and the approach to how we sell and buy has changed too.
The traffic within the digital world is continuously increasing, you need to embrace proactive behaviours on digital channels like social media to be visible and communicate a consistent message to your customers.
There are various social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is for information sharing – what are you an expert in? Do you write blogs about thought leadership?
Your credibility and authenticity are fundamental to generating a successful sales pipeline. If you are researching your prospect’s social media profiles, they will be doing the same on yours.
#Top Tip 1
Start at the beginning by creating a refined and enticing profile where your ideal customer profile knows exactly what you do and why?
Social media profiles and their benefits: 
Your current customers can sell your services for you!
The recommendations, reviews, or video testimonials displayed on your profile will provide evidence of the results and outcomes you have provided to the businesses you have worked with.
Prospects researching your profile will feel fear of missing out if they don’t do business with you also.
#Top Tip 2 – You have found an ideal future customer on social media:
1.   Who are their customers?
2.   Who have they received a testimonial from?
3.   Whom are they engaging on posts with?
4.   Use social media as a digital channel to identify your future customers within the business ecosystem. 
Why social media marketing is essential?  
How often do you post on social media? What content do you post? More importantly, what is the next steps you take with the engagers of your posts? 
These are questions most individuals/businesses ask themselves when reviewing their digital sales strategy and process.  
How will your service or product benefit businesses and customers? If you are not doing social media posts sharing this information, how will your prospects know what you are selling? 
From one of my surveys, 83% of Sales Professionals feel they require support in using social media for building business relationships (Correct Careers Coaching, 2019). If you feel the same, seek the training you require in this area.  
#Top Tip 3
If you do not embrace and commit to using social media, you are missing out on boosting your sales to current markets, i.e., LinkedIn has over 55 million companies. Utilise social media to stay visible, promote your brand, engage with new prospects.  
You have an exceptional social media profile, you are doing the habit of social media marketing, what next?

Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert (Managing Director & Founder)

Correct Careers Coaching – An award-winning Modern Sales Training and Sales Strategy Business. and 07599 332178